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Success Story: Mayfair Private Members Club

In a recent design and construction project we took a grade II listed private members club development in the heart of Mayfair through a comprehensive approach that extended beyond the specific requirements of the planning processes, BREEAM, Part L, and other targeted certifications. We have achieved sustainable outcomes that address the broader context of environmental, social and economic sustainability, developing 8 sustainability themes and 57 specific objectives, each with measurable key performance indicators. These ranged from net-zero operations, promotion of social value and low-carbon transport, supporting biodiversity and climate resilience, minimising waste and fostering a circular economy.


Case Study: The Fossil-Free Kitchen

Net zero carbon strategies for design and operation are not only an urgent planetary need, but they are increasingly sought after by investors, guests/customers, and employees. Reducing the energy and carbon emissions of your hospitality operations are vital components of these plans and targets -  consider cooking withOUT gas for example.

When multiple pieces of gas-fired equipment are replaced with electric kit sometimes running costs and capital costs might be increased. However if the whole operation is considered, from the knock-on impact on ventilation requirement to the cleaning and labour costs, huge savings can be realised - even more if you think outside the box rather than just consider like-for-like replacements. We've helped hundreds of UK operators realise these enormous savings.


Success Story: Energy Audits

In our quest for energy efficiency, we conducted a routine audit at a typical pub. What we found underscores the power of small changes. By adjusting time controls, modifying temperature settings, and changing pre-trade practices, we put this pub on track to save nearly £50,000 annually. They key takeaways: turning off the overnight air conditioning alone amounted to £18,000 yearly savings, while optimising temperature settings added £10,000 more. Simple shifts in equipment activation practices saved over £12,000, and relatively minor fixes like door seals and timer upgrades contribute an additional £2,5000. This case illustrates how paying attention to the details can lead to substantial long-term savings, reinforcing the importance of detailed energy audits by hospitality professionals in enhancing sustainability and profitability.

Using bespoke, targeted strategies we can enable you to take appropriate action to reduce consumption from day one. Whether you are single or multisite business, our audits and action plans ensure immediate paybacks in bill and cost reduction.


Success Story: Behaviour Change Programmes

Working with site teams to ensure there is a good understanding of energy best practice is one of the things we do best, whether this is during our site adults, delivering training to site of head office teams, or through innovative estate-wide behaviour change programmes.

Many don't see behaviour change programmes as sustainable or big-win projects, but all technology needs people-power to succeed and it's critical you bring your teams along for the ride. In fact, behaviour change programmes are some of the highest return-on-investment opportunities for increasing profitability.

We designed an award-winning bespoke energy reduction campaign for a large multisite pub and restaurant group. After initial gap analysis and a range of workshops and assessments, we set about tailoring our best-practice training and engaging workshops to the workforce and we built an army of successful energy and sustainability champions. This isn't just about putting up stickers or writing guides, it's about appropriate incentives and rewards, and building-in momentum to achieve a long lasting change. We've done enough of this to know what works and what doesn't, and pride ourselves on measured and verified results.

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We are more than just consultants – we are hospitality experts. Our in-depth understanding of the industry sets us apart from competitors. With a proven track record in the hospitality sector, including Pub & Restaurant management, Head Chefs and property maintenance experts we bring unparalleled expertise to every project. Our clients receive tailored solutions that make a lasting impact.

Join us in shaping a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for the hospitality industry. At Hospitality Energy Savings & Sustainability, we don't just consult; we innovate.

Richard Felgate

Richard Felgate

Richard was Head of Energy Management at Mitchells & Butlers, one of the largest multisite hospitality companies in the UK. There Richard started from scratch transforming energy from being a cost that the business just incurred, to being one of the largest opportunities for profit within the P&L.

Simon Cocks

Simon Cocks

Simon has extensive energy management experience within the hospitality sector. He’s an expert on buildings and equipment, both from an operational perspective – training the teams that work within the buildings on how to achieve the greatest efficiency; and also from a technology point of view – how to make them as efficient as possible.

Dr. Sam Mudie

Dr Sam Mudie

Dr. Sam is quite unique in the hospitality industry having completed a doctorate in energy reduction in commercial kitchens. This ground breaking research has showcased how energy efficient kitchens of the future may be specified, together with highlighting many current opportunities.


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