Energy Consumption Management


We have a track record of delivering significant energy consumption savings for hospitality businesses, over £20 million so far!

We won’t just tell you where you’re wasting energy. We'll tell you how to fix it, or even do it for you!


Ongoing analysis, reporting and support

We want to ensure that you maintain and grow your savings, so we’ll give you the help, support, reminders and regular analysis you need. We’ll use our “Hospitality Energy Consumption Analysis” system to:

  • Report on performance
  • Show where the greatest areas of opportunity are
  • Enable us to help your teams deliver the savings
  • Identify where we need to focus our attention / visit site to resolve building problems

Onsite teams – changing their routines & behaviour

This isn’t just about putting up stickers or turn on guides, these will soon be ignored. It’s about replacing old habits and routines with new ones. We’ve done this enough to know what works best.

Richard is an industry expert on this – he delivers courses for the Energy Managers Association on the subject. Meanwhile, Sam is a qualified "Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) Practitioner" thanks to her experience in behaviour change programmes.


Optimising existing building controls & systems

We’ll make sure that your existing building controls & systems are set correctly, no redundant kit is running and that the team know which systems to use and when.

In over 90% of businesses we visit, we find issues that are wasting hundreds / thousands of pounds. You could ask your M&E contractor to sort it – but he’s probably the person that left it like that in the first place!


Introducing energy saving technology

There’s lots of stuff out there and not all of it is suited to every business. We know what works, what doesn’t and in what circumstances. Simon is an industry leader in energy saving technology.

Simon's rigorous challenging, testing and development of equipment and systems has led to industry innovation and awards, even new products on the market.

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Why Choose Us

We are more than just consultants – we are hospitality experts. Our in-depth understanding of the industry sets us apart from competitors. With a proven track record in the hospitality sector, including Pub & Restaurant management, Head Chefs and property maintenance experts we bring unparalleled expertise to every project. Our clients receive tailored solutions that make a lasting impact.

Join us in shaping a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for the hospitality industry. At Hospitality Energy Savings & Sustainability, we don't just consult; we innovate.

Richard Felgate

Richard Felgate

Richard was Head of Energy Management at Mitchells & Butlers, one of the largest multisite hospitality companies in the UK. There Richard started from scratch transforming energy from being a cost that the business just incurred, to being one of the largest opportunities for profit within the P&L.

Simon Cocks

Simon Cocks

Simon has extensive energy management experience within the hospitality sector. He’s an expert on buildings and equipment, both from an operational perspective – training the teams that work within the buildings on how to achieve the greatest efficiency; and also from a technology point of view – how to make them as efficient as possible.

Dr. Sam Mudie

Dr Sam Mudie

Dr. Sam is quite unique in the hospitality industry having completed a doctorate in energy reduction in commercial kitchens. This ground breaking research has showcased how energy efficient kitchens of the future may be specified, together with highlighting many current opportunities.


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