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We are the leading energy management team in the hospitality sector with over 50 years of combined experience

We are more than just consultants – we are hospitality experts. Our in-depth understanding of the industry sets us apart from competitors. With a proven track record in the hospitality sector, including general management, Head Chefs and property maintenance experts we bring unparalleled expertise to every project. Our clients receive tailored solutions that make a lasting impact.

Join us in shaping a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for the hospitality industry. At Hospitality Energy Savings & Sustainability, we don't just consult; we innovate.

Richard Felgate

Richard Felgate

Richard was Head of Energy Management at Mitchells & Butlers, one of the largest multisite hospitality companies in the UK. There Richard started from scratch transforming energy from being a cost that the business just incurred, to being one of the biggest opportunities for profit within the P&L.

Simon Cocks

Simon Cocks

Simon has extensive energy management experience within the hospitality sector. He’s an expert on buildings and equipment, both from an operational point of view – training the teams that work within the buildings how to achieve the greatest efficiency; and also from a technology point of view – how to make them as efficient as possible.

Dr. Sam Mudie

Dr Sam Mudie

Dr. Sam is quite unique in the hospitality industry having completed a doctorate in energy reduction in commercial kitchens. This ground breaking research has showcased how energy efficient kitchens of the future may be specified, together with highlighting many current opportunities.

Dan Speakman


Dan has a real passion for sustainability and the natural environment which led to him achieving a MSc in Environmental Science at University, taking a particular interest climate science, policy and governance.

Mario Morariu


Mario has spent all of his career managing and analysing data. He thrives on digging into large data sets, establishing patterns, finding anomalies and then producing insightful reports and recommendations.

Heather Caddick


Heather is our Business Support Administrator and manages our daily business functions and keeps us all operating as efficiently as possible. Having spent over ten years working in restaurants, mostly as an assistant manager, she has a passion for hospitality and a thorough understand of business operations.

Andrew Mudie

andrew mudie

Andrew trained as an analytical chemist and has been working in the pharma industry for 12 years. As a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, he joins the team bringing with him a wealth of scientific experience and problem solving expertise.

Will Gordon

Will Gordon

Will qualified as an electrician in 1998 after carrying out his apprenticeship working in pubs and restaurants, completing maintenance works and full refurbishments.

Amanda Weis

Amanda Weis

Amanda has experience in all things hospitality, having previously worked as an Operations Manager or General Manager in restaurants, hotels, private clubs, pubs, bars, cafes and within catering facilities at large independent schools in both the USA and the UK.

Tom Hayward


Tom has spent his whole career in hospitality from being a head chef, a regional trainer of new head chefs, all the way through to large holiday complex management.

Tony Wheatley


Tony has spent over 25 years tending to the plant rooms, pipework, distribution boards, boilers and electrical supplies of many hospitality and recreation businesses, including hotels, leisure centres, pools, sports clubs and gyms.

Anika Patel


Anika, armed with a master's in climate change, stands at the forefront of sustainability consulting. Her expertise offers innovative solutions for businesses navigating the challenges of environmental responsibility. Anika's forward-thinking strategies pave the way for a greener, more resilient future.

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