Full Energy Guide And Audit Form Pack

  • 20 page Energy Guide
  • How to use energy data and charts
  • 16 page Energy Audit Form with option to print or complete digital version.




Full Energy Guide and Audit Form pack for single site Pub & Restaurant operators

How does reducing your energy costs by 10% sound?

Well, that’s what a lot of businesses achieve by just following our simple guidelines, some save even more.

Are you a single site operator who’s possibly thinking:

– “I’m not sure if I can justify engaging a specialist like HESS to come and help me reduce my energy consumption”

– “I’d like to have a go at this myself first, it can’t be that difficult”

– “I’ve already taken some energy reduction measures, but not sure what else to do”

– “I’d like some more specialist advice about specific equipment, what I should and shouldn’t do”

Well, this guide is designed specifically for you.


The pack will take you through your business area by area:

– Lighting

– Heating & Cooling

– Hot Water

– Cellars

– Bars

– Kitchens

– Water use

– Other areas


In each area we’ll give you lots of ideas, including:

– Things you can do for Free

– Quick Fixes which don’t cost much

– Ideas for higher cost Projects

– Examples of what changes can save

– Top Tips


We’ll also discuss:

– How to go about changing behaviours of your team

– Consumption data – why it’s so important and how to interpret it

To help people with the current pressures on costs, we are for a short period discounting this guide from its usual price of £495 to just £295 + VAT





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